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I want to say thank you to everyone for all of the kind remarks about Dispatchers and Truckers, and your continuing support!

Since launching this site about a year ago, there has been over 6,800 hits on the site!

My goal is to continue providing you with  useful resources for Dispatchers and Truckers. 

Trucking Links
1. FedEx Custom Critical
2. Transport Topics Trucking Electronic Newspaper. 
3. Fuel Prices Government site
4. Expedite Now.com Internet Magazine.
5. Layover.com

Expediters Online

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Other Links
NetZero provides consumers with unlimited internet access, e-mail and navigational tools to enhance their online experience: All for free.  Save up to $250.00 per year on internet service.

With Efax you can receive faxes anywhere you get email. Free!

Free Trip
With this site, you can find reroutes most anywhere in the USA and Canada.       


Maps & Directions

By MetaCrawler.


Driving Maps for Canada


Canada Maps  

Canada door to door directions are coming soon!


Ministère des Transports 

A government site.  These pages contain information on road visibility and conditions on the main autoroutes and highways of the Québec road network.  This site also contains information on: Road construction, permits, vehicle and load size and more.


The Weather Network 

This site has information on road conditions for the main routes in any province in Canada.  



THE SOURCE® for Weather in Canada



People Finder / Business Finder / Email Directory.


Pallet Jack

Here you will find locations to rent a pallet jack when you need one.  Thanks to Mike Anello for all his hard work on this list.  


Zip Info 

Zip Code to County, Area Code, etc.
(Zip Code)

Now you can find the Time Zone for any location in the US.  Just enter the Zip Code above.

Weather Cams, Radar and Satellite images, forcasts, local news, and much more...Click on me!
Now you can actually see the weather as it's happening...by Weather Cams!  Plus see current Radar and Satellite images, forecasts, local news, and much more...Click on the WxUSA button above.



National/State D.O.T's

Search for real-time road conditions, traffic reports, highway cameras, and other information about the roads throughout the United States.

RWA Direct
Road conditions, construction and traffic "hot spots" from Metro Traffic Control, the USA's largest traffic reporting service.

The Traffic Station
Real-time traffic conditions for San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago, with more major cities coming soon.

Rand McNally
Find road construction or weather conditions by state, or road number.

Reverse Lookup

Do a reverse lookup on a phone number, address, or area code.  Helpful for looking up all the businesses on a specific street.  Also searches Canada.


Find Businesses

Find businesses by type


The Weather Channel


Rental Service - 
If you're looking for a pallet jack, fork lift, or other special equipment.


Translation Page

As a dispatcher, I found that there were times where speaking to customers or drivers in English was getting me nowhere -fast.  This site instantly translates into 27 different languages online - Free!  Give it a try today!

More to come!

Maps & Door to Door Directions
Enter addresses to get MapBlast Directions:
- Street
- City, State [or Zip]
- Street
- City, State [or Zip]
Map Blast!    

Phone Numbers,  Etc.

The Ultimates

Here you can search resources from all over the net like phone books, and email directories.  But this isn't just another list of links. The form for each resource is integrated into the site, and JavaScript copies the information from one blank to another so you can use everything out there with a minimum of time and effort.

Broke Down?


  • Absolutely a must see site!
  • Search the USA and Canada
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • General Truck Repairs
  • Specialized Repair
  • Tires
  • Towing 
  • Permits
  • Police
  • Scales
  • Truck Stops
  • Truck parts
  • Truck friendly lodgings
  • And much more!

Need a place to layover?

Layover Truck Stops 

  • Find truck stops by express centers
  • Most stops listed here have showers
  • Now searchable by state (USA and Canada)
  • Last updated 12/11/1999


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