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  • TLeM Christian Music Resources
    Artist websites/discographies/addresses, artist birthday calendar, festival/concerts, info/FAQs, newsgroup/mailing lists, radio stations, record companies, related sites, music stores, TV stations, alternative music, country music, other publications.
  • Christian Music Directory
    Artists, Newsgroups, Commercial, Organizations, Other and Personal Pages, Concerts and Festivals, Publications and Reviews, FAQs, Radio, Record Labels and Studios, Genres and Regional, Video.
  • Christian Artist Directory
    Christian Music Artists
    Note: Sites, streaming audio, reviews, etc.
  • CORI: the Christian Online Resource Index
    Live Audio/Radio, Radio Programs, Music Programs, Video/TV, Music: CCM A-L, Music: CCM M-Z, Music: Rock/ Alternative, Music: Praise and Worship, Music News, Music Magazines/E-zines, Magazines/E-zines, News
  • CCMusic CCMusic is a loosely organized group of people who have the common goal of promoting Christian music through the World Wide Web. Being as loose an organization as it is, we really don't have "members" per se...just people who help out in a number of different ways.
  • Christian Music Today  Get the latest in reviews, sound files, pictures, lyrics and more !!! We've got Third Day, Reality Check, Miss Angie, Jars of Clay, and Audio Adrenaline ! New stuff is going up all the time. 
  • Christian Concert Authority  Find ANY Christian concert ANYWHERE.  The world's largest Christian Concert search engine.  WAY KEWL!
  • Music Demo International - Hear the newest music from Christian artists via MP3's and Real audio.
  • - There is an exciting new Christian Web site. Music is the best place to get all of those Christian CD's that you are looking for.
  • Myrrh Records