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 Healing for Windows

Jesus Christ provided physical healing for you when he bore your sicknesses and carried your pains at Calvary. You can receive healing from Jesus Christ NOW. Read Healing for Windows and find out how!

Download Healing for Windows Version 1.01

Healing for Windows is a free hypertext cyber book about receiving healing from Jesus Christ. This book tells you how YOU can receive the healing that Jesus Christ already paid for you to have.

It is the equivalent of a 1,600-page printed book, compressed into one 1.3-megabyte file called HEALING.HLP. You can just click on HEALING.HLP to run it. The file will not expand after you download it; the text decompresses itself as the program runs.

Healing for Windows contains annotated verses from the Old and New Testaments, 131 discussions about topics related to healing, answers to 80 questions about healing, and replies to 155 objections to receiving healing through faith in Jesus Christ.

You can have an interactive "chat" with the program about your healing, look up your ailment in Scripture, and browse a list of mistakes that can keep you from receiving the healing that Jesus Christ provided for you.

The book is all hypertext, so you can find what you want by clicking through a few screens with your mouse. You can search on dozens of keywords, copy any portion to the Clipboard, and browse items in a section sequentially.

This book will set you free from religious garbage. If you've been taught that sickness was Paul's thorn in the flesh, that you could be another Job, that God uses sickness for some higher purpose, or that God says NO or WAIT to some who come for healing, read this book and learn the truth!

You will learn that God does not makes exceptions "in his sovereignty." You'll find out that He never refuses to heal anyone who comes to him according to his instructions. YOU can be healed!

The book also contains instructions on how to be born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit. If you're not both of these, don't miss out any longer! Find out how YOU can be forgiven for ALL your sins and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit!

This book is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, which is required to run it.

Once you download it, you can copy it and give it to all your friends. (Please do.) The book is copyrighted only to protect its contents. The book itself is FREE. You may reproduce it and give it to anyone on the earth, or off the earth, for that matter.