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  • Reb Bradley of Family Ministries has a number of his own resources, including a booklet Dating: Is it Worth the Risk?, excerpted from his book, Effective Parenting of Teens. It develops concepts of courtship from the dating perspective. Family Ministries also distributes some of the other resources on this page.
  • Dating vs. Courtship by Paul Jehle is the most complete, principle-based and Biblical book I have seen on this subject so far. I highly recommend it. This is the textbook for Pastor Lon's CLST course outline below.
  • Pastor Craig Lotze has a tape series on Courtship and another Restoring The Foundation of Purity Its available through Victory Faith Fellowship (see GMF for postal details). I have them on order but expect them to be excellent, having heard Pastor Craig teach :-)
  • The Courtship Connection sell most of the books on this page as well as a number of tapes and other courtship materials, most at the lowest prices (Paul Jehle's for $9). Their catalogue includes:
    • God's Plan for Finding a Mate - Dating? Courting? Betrothing? by Dr. S. M. Davis
    • Courtship and Dating: A Biblical Analysis by Angela Hanson
    • Of Knights and Fair Maidens by Jeff and Danielle Myers
    • (Audio) How Betrothing Worked for Us: Testimony of Dennis and Lisa Moravek with Dr. S. M. Davis, subtitled: How God clearly led their parents to help them find their mates!
    • (Fiction) The Courtship of Sarah McLean by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Castleberry
    • (Fiction) Waiting for Her Isaac by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Castleberry
    • (Fiction) The Master's Weaving by Karen Wilt
  • Landmark Distributors sell Paul Jehle's book as well as other courtship materials.
  •  In Basic Digest--Relating Without Dating Newsletter RR. 1, Box 58, Hillsboro. IL 62409 (Christian/teen courting)
  • Families, Dating and the Bible by Earl and Diane Rodd, 6044 Pine Creek Street, N.W., N. Canton, Ohio 44720, $1.00 plus shipping.
  • The Home Life Ministries - Online Catalogue contains a number of tapes teaching on courtship.


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