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How to Search the Member Directory for Contacts

This can be applied to other formats

AOL & ICQ offers all their members the opportunity to post a voluntary Member Profile in a database of member directoriesHow this applies to Internet Evangelism is the fact that itís searchable! 

In other words, you can search for members by real name, screen name, location, gender, marital status, beliefs, or by any keywords theyíve included in their profile. You can search for people with similar interests and/or experiences to yours: hunting, fishing, quilting, sailing, sewing, skiing, snowboarding, farming, welding, 4-H, divorced, remarried, widowed, single Mom or Dad, battled with cancer, been raped, recovering alcoholic, lonely, hurt, and so on.

Any number of things in a member's Profile can be that common ground you can use to open an online conversation and begin building a relationship. Several conversations may take place before you bring up something about your beliefs in Christ and ask them about their thoughts on spiritual matters.  God will help you know when itís time.

As mentioned above, filling out a Profile is voluntary.  While many people choose not to fill one out, we strongly suggest that all believers should do so.  Itís kind of like posting your testimony for the world to see!

If you haven't filled out a Profile and you're not sure if you ever will, please consider may be cutting yourself off from a number of opportunities.  Others are out there searching the Member Directory every day...and they just might be looking for someone like you!